In partnership with our client we develop an extensive list of target companies. Together we investigate the relevant functions of organizational structure. We reach an agreement with our client as to what companies should not be included in our list for being off-limits.
We have an expert research team with sound market expertise and above all, experienced in the company client.  This is fundamental for, at times the successful candidate comes from seemingly distant sectors from our client.

Our firm uses a modern database and library. We have the best resources to obtain the optimal results.
Our work approach guarantees added discretion for clients and candidates. The professionals are contacted with maximum confidentiality to determine their potential according to the job position and to discover their level of interest in a professional change.

Our research team has the necessary experience to guarantee that potential candidates will attend a meeting with us independently of their initial motivation towards change.
The pre-selected candidates are interviewed in depth to understand their achievements, competences, motivation and growth potential. At Alemany&Partners we conduct several interviews. In the first phase we collect information and focus on the experience and motivation of the candidate. Later on, we evaluate the candidate in depth, clarify any initial doubt and explore his/her cultural fit as well as their career drives.
Search process meetings and/or conferences take place with the client on a regular basis. In the same way a weekly progress report is given.
 The client is given a complete dossier with a report of every selected candidate describing their experience, education, competences and other credentials. Most often, the perfect candidate does not exist but the most adequate one can be found.

In our reports we indicate the possible “gaps” and we offer feedback to the candidates in order for them to understand their improvement areas.
The most appropriate candidates for the position are presented to the client. Alemany&Partners in accordance with its policy of equal opportunities advocates by qualified diversity in the presentation of candidates.
 The consultant could attend the first meetings with the candidates if requested by the client. Successive meetings are arranged by Alemany&Partners.
 The client makes the job offer to the selected candidate. However, if requested by the client, Alemany&Partners participates in presenting the monetary proposal to the selected candidate.
Once the candidate has been chosen we proceed to verify their degrees and qualifications.

We rely on the experienced professionals who can best inform and evaluate their work performance. A structured interview process is used along with specific matters our client wishes to verify.
The process of integrating into the client company is of crucial importance. At Alemany&Partners, we assist the candidate during the first year. We include meetings on a regular basis that are conducted after the first, third, sixth and twelfth month of incorporation. Our objective is to optimize the cultural adaptation and to make the candidate aware of a development plan if necessary. Experience shows us that systematic follow-up contributes greatly towards the successful adaptation of the candidate.
Our objective is to continue to improve; therefore our client´s feedback is essential
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